The City of Paris will pick up Brush on the last week of every month.

Brush pick-up is a call-in service with one pick-up per household each cycle. So if you have brush, it must be called in to the Public Works Department at 731-642-0473 so it can be added to the list.

The City of Paris will not pick up any refuse from construction, demolition, or repairs.

Please keep limbs and branches at a maximum of 10 feet in length.

Keep brush and leaves separated.

Brush shall be placed within ten feet of the curb.

Do not place brush in the street, on the sidewalks, on or around fire hydrants, or in the ditches where it may affect water flow.

NOTE:  You must call each time you have brush, your location will not remain on the list.



Leaf pick-up begins November 1st and ends on March 31st.

Please pile your leaves as close to the curb or edge of the street as possible without blocking sidewalks or stopping up drainage ditches.

Leaves may also be bagged and placed at the curb to be picked up at any time throughout the year. We will pick up a maximum of 10 bags with your regular garbage pick-up.

Leaf pick-up is a call-in service. So if you have leaves, it must be called in to the public works dept. at 731-642-0473 so it can be added to the list.





For questions or to schedule leaf pickup you may call 731-642-0473