As our third Preserve Paris Clean Sweep Day came to a close with the finishing touches Monday morning by our Public Works Department, we want to say THANK YOU! Without the support of our volunteers and neighborhood residents we could never accomplish the work we have completed in some of our neighborhoods.

It is truly amazing what we can do in our community with the kind, caring, hardworking people of Paris and Henry County. Each event we have seen the participation of some of the same people and groups, however, with every event we have also seen new faces showing up willing to sacrifice 3 hours of their Saturday morning.

We would like to thank the following groups specifically for their hard work this past Saturday in the Wynn Street Neighborhood!

Paris Christian Center
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Atkins Porter Neighborhood Association
Bethel Physician Assistant Program Students
Keep Paris-Henry County Beautiful Group
Downtown Paris Boxing Club
Tennessee Valley Community Church
Mayor Barrett Stevens of Bolivar
City Manager Shelia Dellinger of Bolivar
City Employees and their families
City of Paris Elected Officials
Wynn Street Residents

Again, we sincerely thank each of you for taking 3 hours out of your Saturday morning to volunteer!

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About Preserve Paris:

Preserve Paris is a neighborhood revitalization, preservation and clean-up project that began in early 2016.  Last year with the help of amazing people, the Preserve Paris volunteers held two Clean Sweep Days in both the Historic Lee School Neighborhood and the Historic Atkins Porter Neighborhood.  As you know, Clean Sweep Day is where community volunteers and neighbors will converge on a neighborhood to assist residents with trash removal and, if feasible, some yard work.