Department History

Paris Police Department asks public for help with the department history


The Paris Police Department is asking for the public’s help in gathering artifacts, photos and memorabilia from the past to establish a visual history display at the Paris City Hall as well as stories to include in a departmental history book compilation.

The department’s goal is to display the history of the Paris Police Department, greeting people as they come in the building. Anyone who possesses old photos, artifacts, memorabilia, newspaper clippings or anything at all that would help tell the story of the police department is asked to email Tammy Walker at or call (731) 641-1413.

In putting this information out to the public, we know there are people in the community whose family members were employees of the Paris Police Department at various times. We want people who have pictures, old badges, memorabilia, patches, etc. to contact the department. People may donate items, loan items to the department or let us make a record of it to include in the display. This will be a way to honor those who have served the community and an opportunity for today’s generations to see local history on display.





 historical police force photo  

 police chief at jail 

police cruiser       




Paris Police Department was established in 1882. In 1897, the new charter changed the position from Town Marshall to Chief of Police by a newly created City Commission.


P.R. Orr – Marshall

Lee Hill – Marshall

R.A. Foster – Marshall

E.H. Blanton – Marshall

John T. Lowery – Marshall

L.W. Posthwait – Marshall

J.M. Doty – Marshall

Gus Edwards – Marshall

R.H. Mills – Marshall

Jeff Phillips – Chief

Earn Butler – Chief

Clark Ray – Chief

Earn Butler – Chief

W.G. Smith – Chief

Clark Ray – Chief

Lawrence King – Chief

Lon Looney – Chief

Treamon Cooper – Chief

Luther Ellison – Chief

F.F. Wells – Chief

Loren Fitzgerald – Chief

R.T. Bowden – Chief

William Nichols – Chief

Richard Dunlap – Chief

Thomas A. Cooper – Chief

Charles O. Elizondo – Chief