Alarm Registration

False alarms take police officers out of service for emergency incidents. Register your alarm to ensure that you are in compliance with city requirements designed to reduce calls for service in false alarm situations.

  • Alarm registrations for residents and businesses must be renewed annually per City Ordinance 13-318.
  • Fine and fee schedule – No charge for residential yearly registration. Business yearly registration fee is $25. Fees are from January – December.
  • You are allowed two free false alarms per year.


For Additional Information Contact:

Karen Varnum

(731) 641-1413

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.


Title 13-318. Fines And Fees.The following is the fee schedule for the rules adopted in this ordinance. 

Registration fee (commercial)

Registration fee (residential)




Renewal Fee (commercial) $25
Renewal Fee (residential) -0-
Late Fee $25
Fine – 1st False Alarm -0-
Fine – 2nd False Alarm -0-
Fine – 3rd False Alarm $25
Fine – 4th False Alarm $25
Fine – 5th or more False Alarm (s) $25
Operation of a Non Registered Alarm System $25
False Alarm Caused By On Site Alarm Company Employee $25
Monitoring Company Failure to Verify $25
False Statement by an Alarm Co. Employee Making an On-Site Inspection $25
Appeal Fee $25
Reinstatement Fee $25
(Ord. #1079, 10/4/07, Ord.#122, 03/03/11)