City of Paris, Tennessee
P. O. Box 970
100 North Caldwell Street
Paris, Tennessee 38242
731-641-1405 Fax 731-641-1424



Business Tax License

Businesses in the City of Paris must obtain a business license and report their gross receipts to the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue on a yearly basis if the
business grosses or is expected to gross $10,000 or more during their tax year.  Businesses having $3,000 to $9,999 in gross income may elect to apply for a yearly
minimal activity license, which is available from the City of Paris Business Office.

Applications for business licenses should be made as soon as possible, but at least within the first 30 days of operation. The fee for a business license is $15.00.  Applications can be completed in the City of Paris Business Office or by mail.  To receive an application, CLICK HERE, or please call the office at 731-641-1402.

The completed application and $15.00 fee can be returned by mail to:
City of Paris Business Office
P.O. Box 970
Paris, TN 38242


Note: When a business closes or transfers ownership, the owner must close out that business license with the City of Paris Business Office, and any outstanding taxes
must be paid in full. If this step has not been completed, the new owner can be liable for the outstanding taxes that were incurred by the previous owner.
Businesses that need a sales tax number must contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Please apply for this online at For more information
on sales tax requirements, please visit the Department of Revenue’s website or phone them at 800-342-1003.




A business located inside the City requires both a City of Paris and a Henry County license. A City of Paris license may be obtained from the above location. If you are purchasing an existing business, the previous owner must finalize their business license and pay all applicable fees or you will be held liable for the previous owner’s taxes. The application fee is $15.00. A Henry County Clerk license may be obtained at the Henry County courthouse. Their main phone number is (731) 642-2412


Many businesses require a state sales tax number. Businesses that need a sales tax number must contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Please apply for this online at For more information on sales tax requirements, please visit the Department of Revenue’s website or phone them at (800)342-1003.


A federal employer ID number may be required if a business has employees or is a corporation or LLC. Application for the number is done online at You may also call the IRS at (800) 342-1003.


The business site should be reviewed with the City of Paris Planning Commission to ensure the business activity proposed is appropriate for the location. Their offices are located at 100 N Caldwell Street and the phone number is (731) 641-1410.


Businesses who will be serving food or beverages must check with the Henry County Health Department to be sure that all requirements are met. Their phone number is (731) 642-4025 EXT 120.


If alcoholic beverages will be sold or served, certain state law and city code restrictions will apply. To apply for a city beer permits contact the City of Paris business office at (731) 641-1402. For liquor licensing, contact the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 226 Capitol Blvd., Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37243-0755. You are also required to obtain a City of Paris liquor license after State approval. To obtain the City of Paris retail package store certificate of compliance, contact the City of Paris business office. There is also an annual renewal fee payable to the City of Paris.


Questions about the establishing of a new business may be directed to Tennessee Department of Revenue at