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Sealed bids will be accepted by the City of Paris, Tennessee until 10:00 a.m., Monday, May 1, 2017 at which time bids will be opened, for “Installation of Concrete Pavers” as part of a drainage project.

Complete specifications, terms, and conditions of bid policy are available during regular business hours at the City Business Office, 100 North Caldwell Avenue, Paris, Tennessee 38242.  These documents may also be downloaded from the City website at http://paristn.gov.   All bids are to be sealed and marked on the outer cover of an opaque envelope “Installation of Concrete Pavers”.  The City of Paris reserves the right to accept or reject any/all bids received.  Minority and Women Owned Businesses are encouraged to apply.

If accessibility assistance is needed contact ADA Coordinator Jennifer Morris @ 731-641-1410.  All interested persons are invited to attend.


Kim Foster, City Manager




To Bidders:

Scope of work for this project is as specified in attached “Bid Document”.

Approximately 2760sf of brick pavers are to be installed for this project.  Bidders may view area planned for paver installation which is located in the alley that runs north and south between East Wood Street, and East Washington Street; and located behind Commercial Bank & Trust.

Bids are to be in the form of a price/sf installed, labor only.

Please read carefully and include all supporting documentation requested in the “Bid Document”.

If you have need of clarification of any aspects of the bid you may contact:

Mike Brown @ 731-641-1409 or 731-336-5141  email @ mbrown@cityofparistn.gov




Downtown Alley Replacement


Installation of a Belgard 5”x 9”x 3 1/8” concrete brick paver for a Downtown Alley Replacement Project

 The following is a general description of the items requested, the quality desired and the services being bid. 


  1. Concrete pavers as shown and specified will be provided by the City of Paris. The work includes:
  2. Installation of concrete brick pavers on compacted open graded granular base with setting bed and joint material.


Installer Qualifications: Engage an experienced Installer who has successfully completed brick paver installations similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for project.

  1. Qualification data for firms and persons to demonstrate their capabilities and experience. Include list of completed projects with project names, addresses, Architects and Owners, plus other related information.


  1. Protect brick pavers and related materials during storage and construction against wetting by rain, snow, or ground water and against spoilage or contamination from earth and other materials.


  1. Cold Weather Protection: Do not use frozen materials or materials mixed or coated with ice or frost.  Do not build on frozen subgrade or setting beds.  Remove and replace brick paver work damage by frost or freezing.
  2. Weather Limitations: Protect brick paver work against freezing when atmospheric temperature is 40 deg. F (4 deg. C) and falling.  Heat materials and provide temporary protection of completed portions of unit paver work.  Comply with International Masonry All Weather Council’s “Guide Specification for Cold Weather Construction,” Section 04200, Article 3.
  3. Hot Weather Requirements: Protect brick paver work when temperature and humidity conditions produce excessive evaporation of setting beds and grout.  Provide artificial shade and wind breaks and use cooled materials as required.  Do not apply mortar to substrates with temperatures of 100 deg. F (38 deg. C) and above.


  1. Bedding Material and joint material shall be #8 stone as shown in Belgard details foe permeable paver systems.
  2. Water: Clean, free of materials detrimental to sand or paver


  1. Examine surfaces indicated to receive paving, with Installer present, or compliance with requirements for installation tolerances and other conditions affecting performance of brick pavers. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.
  2. Bidders are installing a Belgard 5”x 9”x 3 1/8” “Aqua-Bric” concrete brick paver. All material for the installation will be provided by the City of Paris including the concrete pavers.  It shall be the responsibility of the installer to install, screed and compact the 2” bedding course of #8 stone. Install the pavers, and the jointing material.


  1. Joint Pattern: “Herringbone” as indicated on drawings.
  2. Tolerances: Do not exceed 1/16” unit to unit offset from flush (lippage) and a tolerance of 1/18” in 2’-0” and ¼” in 10’-0” from level to slope as indicated, for finished surface of paving.
  3. Cut brick pavers with motor driven masonry saw equipment to provide clean, sharp, unchipped edges. Cut units to provide pattern indicated and to fit adjoining work neatly.   Use full units without cutting where possible.  Hammer or trowel cutting is not acceptable.


  1. Install brick pavers in strict accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Do not lay pavers with free moisture on the surface.
  3. Install setting bed. Compact to specified thickness.
  4. Place brick pavers on compacted setting bed. Compact pavers in place with light metal vibrator.  All pavers shall be laid hand tight.  (Paver lugs shall be in full contact with adjacent paver, if applicable.)
  5. Sweep in joints. As bedding material settles, add additional to be flush with top of pavers at end of job.


  1. Remove and replace brick pavers which are loose, shipped broken, stained, or otherwise damaged, or if pavers do not match adjoining pavers as intended. Provide new pavers to match adjoining pavers and install in the same manner as original pavers, with the same joint treatment to eliminate evidence of replacement
  2. Cleaning: Remove excess sand and other materials from exposed paver surfaces, wash and scrub clean.
  3. Provide final protection and maintain conditions in a manner acceptable to Installer, which ensures brick paver work being done is without damage or deterioration at time of Substantial Completion


Note:   Certificates of Insurance naming the City of Paris as co-insured, showing the type, amount, class of operation covered, effective dates and dates of expiration of policies. Such certificates shall also contain the following   statement:  “The insurance covered by this certificate will not be cancelled  or materially altered, except after ten (10) days written notice has been  received by the City.”