Public Parking is Free Downtown With or Without Time Limits


All on-street spaces are 2 hour parking and monitored on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Parking is unrestricted during the evening hours.  Spaces for 10 minute parking for loading and unloading are provided midway of each block.  Municipal Parking lots are provided throughout downtown for unlimited parking.  (Downtown Map)

People often harbor misconceptions with regard to parking downtown. Many of those are found below with information to clarify those claims.


Perception: There is no parking and you have to walk long distances.

Within downtown Paris, with on-street parking, municipal parking lots as well as private parking lots, there are over 400 parking spaces available.  

One parking space per block provided with 10 minute parking. These parking spaces are provided to the public in instances where large packages must be loaded or something is quickly picked up or delivered to those businesses within that block. 



Perception: Many people that work downtown feel that they should be allowed to park in front of their business. 

If every downtown employee or business owner parked in front of their business or other businesses it leaves fewer spaces for customers to park. Those prime spaces are worth thousands of dollars a year for each downtown business.  Downtown employees are encouraged to leave the best spots for visitors and people with brief business, to walk a couple of blocks to longer term parking!



Perception: Parking enforcement is not necessary.

 It is important to monitor parking for more frequent turnover to allow shoppers and those with brief business to quickly get in and out.


Downtown Parking Enforcement


  • Parking violation fee is $4.00 ($3.00 fine plus $1.00 State Litigation Tax)
  • After 48 hours, 2 hour parking violations increase to $6.00.  All other parking violations increase after 30 days.
  • The parking enforcement officer records vehicle tag number and parking space number on paper to track two hour free parking.  When the officer returns, she checks to see if the vehicle is still in the same numbered parking space.  If so, a parking ticket is issued.
  • Chalk marks on tires and streets are no longer used for downtown parking.
  • For your convenience, a collection box is installed on each block.  After detaching your Ticket Receipt, place fine in envelope and deposit it in any collection box or pay in person at Paris Police Department or mail to: Police Department , P.O. Box 970, Paris, TN  38242.


All day FREE parking lots are located at:

Corner of North Market Street and Ruff Street

Corner of North Brewer Street and Ruff Street

Corner of West Blythe Street and Fentress Street

Middle of Block on North Brewer Street between Wood and Washington Streets.


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