Building/Zoning Related Permits, Applications and Forms:

Appeals Application:   newappealappl

Building Permit Application:  bldgprmtappl4-25-14

Contractor Information Form:  contractorinfoform

Curb Cut and Driveway Connection Application:  curbcutprmtappl4-25-14

Floodplain Assessment Form:  floodplainassessment

Planning Submittal Application:   planningapplication:

Sign Permit:  newsignprmtappl

Off Site Directional Sign Permit Application: offsitesignprmtappl.pdf

Zoning Amendment Application:  newzoningappl

Development Application: devlppermtappl


Business Related and Other Permits, Applications and Forms:

Business License Tax Application:   Business Tax Application

Important Information Regarding Business License Tax:  Business Tax Public Notice

Citizen’s Government Academy Application:  Citizens Government Academy Application

Citizen’s Police Academy Application:  Citizens Police Academy Application

City of Paris Employment Application:  Employment Application

Public Records Request Form:  Public Records Request

Fish Fry Permit: Fish Fry Permit

Home Occupation Permit:  Home Occupation Permit

Yard Sale or Garage Sale Application:  Yard Sale or Garage Sale Application

Solicitation Permit:  Solicitation Permit

Peddler or Transient Vendor Permit:  Peddler or Transient Vendor Permit

Beer License Application:  Application for Beer Permit

Parade/Block Party/Special Event Permit Application: Parade/Block Party/Special Event Permit Application and Information to Acquire Temporary Event Insurance

Downtown Alley Event Application: Application for Alley Event

Title VI Discrimiation Complaint Form:  Discrimiation Complaint Form