Duties of the Planning Commission include recommendations to the City Commission on issues relating to new and redevelopment in the City of Paris. Basically the Planning Commission oversees the proper development throughout the city for both residential and commercial. Following are some of the duties of the Planning Commission:

  • Recommendations to the City Commission on rezoning within the City.
  • New regulations or revisions to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.
  • Review and approval of plats for new and redevelopment.
  • Approval of Major and Minor Subdivision Plats.


The Planning Commission is a mayoral appointment. One position on the board is served by a City Commissioner with appointment by the Commission. Each member serves a three (3) year term.

The Planning Commission meets the second Thursday of each month. Occasionally the Planning Commission will hold special called meetings when necessary.

Planning Commission Members:

Member Term Expiration
 Jim Hayes, Chairman August 6, 2015
 Gayle Griffith, Secretary (city comm.) August 8, 2016
 Rachel Terrell August 6, 2015
 Carlton Gerrell (mayor designee) December, 2014
 Danny Veazey August 8, 2016
 Randy Scholes  Indefinite Term
 Terry Wimberley August 8, 2017