The Paris Industrial Development Board is a public entity, chartered under State statute with the powers to finance, develop and  own industrial and commercial property.  The Board most often serves as the owner of property which has been granted tax abatement via a Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT).  In Tennessee, property must be held in public hands to be tax exempt.  The lessees normally have the right to purchase the property at the end of the agreement.  The Board may also facilitate Bond or other forms of capital financing.

The Industrial Development Board is a seven member board.  Each member is appointed for a six year term.  Appointments are made by the City Commission.


Industrial Development Board Members:

 Board Member:  Term Expiration:
 Troy Buttrey, Chairman/Treasurer  July 2, 2024
 Traci Templeton July 2, 2022
 Bo Caldwell, Secretary July 2, 2022
 Charles Wilson  July 2, 2022
 Michael Murphey  July 2, 2024
Tom Hilton  July 2, 2024
Bruce Reed  July 2, 2026